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This web site was created by my darling geek… I mean husband, E-Spouse. He has a company called KeyChange.  E-Spouse does this for a living and uses my site to experiment new ideas, images and other tricks.  So while you are here you might be interested to know that I am a children’s author … read on 🙂

I was inspired to write the first story Feathertale, when we moved here to our beautiful piece of heaven in the hinterland of the Mid North Coast of NSW.

We designed and created a garden of two acres, mixing native and exotic trees and shrubs, which has become a haven for birds and small wildlife. We are truly blessed to call this place home and sometimes I have to pinch E-Spouse to make sure it isn’t a dream!

It was from watching and listening to the birds around our garden and prompted by the nagging, I mean, encouragement of E-Spouse the story was ‘hatched’. After finishing Feathertale I wrote a sequel called Mount Moonshine. At present I am working on the third book in the series.

Chapter One

The Lonely Parrot Guide advises: closed windows are not a safe route to travel.

Bluey, the crimson rosella, found this out the hard way. He was moving like a cyclone with his mates, when he missed the cue to veer left, and smashed headlong into the glass thinking it was a clearway. It was the last thing he remembered, until he awoke in a dark place. He moved his head to one side, and was pleased it felt ok. He moved it to the other side, and apart from a slight headache, all was well. It was difficult to move his wings, as the walls of his container restricted him. With nothing else he could do, he sat quietly muttering in Rosellian parrot, to pass the time.

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