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  • Chuddly


      Chuddly was a very calm and quiet dog. He didn’t bark unnecessarily, and his deep, dark, pool-like eyes missed nothing. He loved his humans more than the food in his bowl and he was alert to their every mood and movement. They gave him love and cared for him in every way possible. Chuddly’s […]

  • Farmer Kidnapped, Held for Ramson

    Farmer Kidnapped, Held for Ramson

    I am Detective Inspector Shepherd of the Scotsman’s Yard. This is a story of a terrible crime of fashion. Tuesday, May 8th 2007, I was called in to investigate a kidnap/siege situation. In my job nothing comes as a surprise. The scene of the crime was a property called ‘Woolitch’ not far from the town […]

  • A Natural Death

    A Natural Death

    Some would say I lead an idyllic life. No husband, children, pressure or stress. Simply living. It seems I have no need for parties or excesses in my life any more. That is part of who I used to be, in a past I would rather forget. The colours of earth’s pallet have replaced the […]


    The computer was not a high priority in her life. For years she had avoided any close contact with the cold, seemingly heartless machine. It was an almost necessary demon, which enabled Penny to type up her scribblings and to change and edit the words with ease. It’s all she wanted from the laptop sitting […]