• Space

    There’s something about an empty, cleared bench top that screams “Put stuff here!”I’ve observed this phenomenon over many years so I know what I’m talking about. Try it yourself. Any table or flat surface will do. No sooner have you decluttered an expanse, it miraculously fills with junk. I’m thinking it’s a universal law of […]

  • Interesting New Web Site

    Interesting New Web Site

  • Ramblings of a Cyclepath

    Ramblings of a Cyclepath

    Cycling must be one of the craziest activities to undertake in this time of fast cars containing stressed, intolerant, anxious and angry people – and they are the good drivers! Why expose yourself to the vulnerability of the edge of the road, on a flimsy contraption of metal or carbon fibre, attired in clothing which […]

  • Chuddly


      Chuddly was a very calm and quiet dog. He didn’t bark unnecessarily, and his deep, dark, pool-like eyes missed nothing. He loved his humans more than the food in his bowl and he was alert to their every mood and movement. They gave him love and cared for him in every way possible. Chuddly’s […]

  • Another Birthday Has Rolled Around.

    Another Birthday Has Rolled Around.

    They’re like wrinkles aren’t they? Happening whether you want them or not. They don’t bother me unduly; as I said to my brother when he was complaining about getting older, “The alternative is death.” That shut him up. We baby boomers can be heard all across the land complaining about the grey hair, wrinkles, aches, […]

  • Blame it on Bloody  Queensland

    Blame it on Bloody Queensland

    It’s funny the way we change as we get older, and I don’t just mean the ‘character’ lines that begin to appear. Gravity also takes on a whole new meaning as we struggle to oppose it’s unceasing assault on any part of us which is no longer as taught as it used to be! However, […]

  • Writers Blog or Blog Ecrivains

    Writers Blog or Blog Ecrivains

    The excuses pile up like dirty washing during a rainy spell. I’ve been here before. What is it called – déjà vu? Trust the French to have an exotic name for a common occurrence. Mind you, most things in French sound exotic. Even the word for ‘shit’ – ‘merde’ – doesn’t sound too bad; ‘pomme […]

  • Farmer Kidnapped, Held for Ramson

    Farmer Kidnapped, Held for Ramson

    I am Detective Inspector Shepherd of the Scotsman’s Yard. This is a story of a terrible crime of fashion. Tuesday, May 8th 2007, I was called in to investigate a kidnap/siege situation. In my job nothing comes as a surprise. The scene of the crime was a property called ‘Woolitch’ not far from the town […]

  • A Natural Death

    A Natural Death

    Some would say I lead an idyllic life. No husband, children, pressure or stress. Simply living. It seems I have no need for parties or excesses in my life any more. That is part of who I used to be, in a past I would rather forget. The colours of earth’s pallet have replaced the […]

  • Birthday Photograph

    Birthday Photograph

    This cake is special. It’s my third birthday. You can tell because that’s how many candles are on top. There was a fete today – not because it’s my birthday but it could have been. My mother took my brothers and me. I had to wear my “good” dress which wasn’t fair because I don’t […]

  • I am desperate

    I am desperate

    Must be. Why else would I willingly tackle cleaning the kitchen? This job is left when everything else has been completed. I’ve already done the bathroom. Why is it males of the species are allergic to cleaning bathrooms – toilets in particular? Is it some secret women’s rite of passage – excuse the pun –the […]


    The computer was not a high priority in her life. For years she had avoided any close contact with the cold, seemingly heartless machine. It was an almost necessary demon, which enabled Penny to type up her scribblings and to change and edit the words with ease. It’s all she wanted from the laptop sitting […]

  • Pillion Point of View

    Pillion Point of View

    Born To Be Mild What is it about the desire to be hauled along the roads and byways on the back of a motor bike? It’s not as though it’s the most comfortable mode of travel. The seat never seems to “quite” fit the derriere, the view is limited to say the least. The noise […]

  • Fair Weather Fiend

    Fair Weather Fiend

    The weather seemed quite fine, there was the possibility of storms later in the day. Since when did the mere thought of precipitation deter the intrepid biker? Leaving at the crack of dawn (10am) we set off to explore a route only previously travelled (by us) with four wheels. Of course the road workers insisted […]

  • Sidestand Psyche!

    Sidestand Psyche!

    Ah, the beautiful New England! Spring at last. Pack away the jumpers and enjoy the warmth of the blossom scented air! As we set off for the day there was a certain nip in the air passing us by on the “Guzzi”. Living at an altitude of 1000 metres, one of the worst mistakes you […]

  • Loose Ends

    Loose Ends

    Living here in the mountains, it’s always a refreshing change to visit the coast. To feel the heat and humidity, the sandflies and mosquitos. We do get spoiled here I admit. To us 30 degrees is almost unbearably hot! So, off we set, ostensibly to visit the rellies – or “outlaws” as Windbreaker would put […]